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A Slave's Sexual Activity

In a 24/7 relationship, a slave's sexual activity is usually regulated in one of two directions. Chastity may be established except when permission is given to the Dominant for the slave to engage in sexual activity. Often this means that the slave cannot masturbate without obtaining permission from the Owner, and often cannot orgasm without permission. Failure to conform to this expectation may incur punishment.

A slave may also be "given" by the Owner to other people to play with. One of the most attractive things about 24/7 relationships for many slaves is the knowledge that one's Owner will "give" him or her to other parties, allowing a multiple partner relationship to remain entirely controlled by the Owner. Alternately, the slave may be ordered to be a "slut" -- to satisfy any and all comers within an established context. Many if not most 24/7 relationships have the Owner controlling all sexual activity of the owned, and sometimes giving permission for others to play with the owned.

Problems With 24/7 Dynamic

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