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Slave Contracts

A 24/7 relationship bears some similarities to a vanilla marriage or commitment ceremony, in that it consists of a specified commitment made between two (or more) people.

In the case of a 24/7 Master/slave or Mistress/slave relationship, this commitment is often spelled out in a "slave contract," which establishes a predetermined set of boundaries and expectations for the relationship. The ritual of establishing a slave contract may be deeply erotic and interpersonally powerful for both parties, and should not be entered into lightly.

Some slave contracts are very general, merely serving as a ritual of the Owner's taking possession of the owned. Other slave contracts are extremely specific, describing what the slave will be allowed to eat, drink, and wear, what words he or she may be allowed to use, and how the slave will behave both in the presence of the Dominant and outside His or Her presence. Most fall somewhere in between.

A slave contract might establish certain parts of a slave's life that are NOT subject to the Master's or Mistress's authority. These areas may include day job, childcare, or other things that, in the couple's estimation, couldn't be reasonably placed under the Dominant's authority.

Within any modern legal context, such a slave contract would not be legally binding, but a few couples do consult attorneys to make some of the terms as binding as possible. In some cases slaves sign other paperwork establishing certain legal rights over them for the Dominant -- a Medical Power of Attorney, for instance.

The Slave Collar

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