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24/7 vs. 24/7/365

Whereas most BDSM or D/s scenes are negotiated for a limited amount of time, a 24/7 relationship is often -- but not always -- meant to be permanent. In some cases, a slave even explicitly gives up the right to be released from the relationship, making such a commitment more binding than marriage.

Other 24/7 relationships are not actually permanent, but are established for a set period of time generally much, much longer than the usual D/s scene -- often one year. A "24/7/365" relationship colloquially means one that is permanent, but technically means one that is negotiated for at least a year.

The relationships portrayed on Kink.com's website The Upper Floor are "24/7," because they are full-time. They would not, however, be "24/7/365" in that they are not permanent and do not (necessarily) last a year.

While some of the players are involved in permanent 24/7 relationships outside of The Upper Floor, in the context of The Upper Floor their slavery is not permanent or irrevocable, but is negotiated and has clear limits.

Slave Contracts

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